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Down to Earth Aventure Pvt. Ltd. is the established trekking and outdoor adventure company based in Nepal which aims to provide you with an experience that not only fulfills your desire for adrenaline and challenge, but literally brings you “down to earth”.

What does being "down to earth” mean to us ?

To our team it means giving you the unique opportunity to meaningfully connect with the amazing people, cultures, histories and sublime natural resources that are just waiting for you to truly experience across Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. We believe that life is more than just rushing around ticking off one milestone after another… it is also about taking the time to slow down, rejuvenate your soul and contemplate what matters to you. Down to Earth is about helping you to recall a child-like spirit of discovery and adventure that is not generally present in our busy lives… appreciating the patchwork of details that make up the journey rather than solely focusing on the final personal achievement. Down to Earth means embarking on an adventure that is defined by a team who welcome you into their family for the duration of the trip and beyond. Down to Earth does not need to put on any airs and graces; we are in operation to genuinely offer you the chance to share our world and knowledge that we have acquired from over 15 years of experience. Our strengths lie in our ability to individualize and care for each member of any of our groups, no matter the trek, activity of the season.
At Down to Earth Adventure we are passionate about our role in developing sustainable practices that seek to protect and nurture the rich yet vulnerable landscapes and people whom we meet on our adventures. In fact, a driving force behind establishing this company, besides our love of the mountains and outdoors, was to create an organized means to enhance the amazing world that we call home. Through our company and our loyal friends and family we hope to make a difference, especially in the area of reducing poverty, increasing access to education basic and health, litter management and use of environmentally friendly practices in this beautiful region of the world. Our dream is also to utilize our company to provide training and real employment opportunities to a wide range of poor communities so as to leave a long-term positive footprint.
In order to simplify and maximize your experience , it is essential for you to have peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Down to Earth Adventure we take pride in our thorough training of staff in best practice methods to ensure your safety is guaranteed. As a matter of precaution, Down to Earth Adventure has in place arrangements with several leading helicopter companies to provide prompt emergency evacuation if required. Knowing you are safe is critical to you being able to unwind and come down to earth.
Down to Earth Adventure

What makes Down to Earth Adventure Pvt. Ltd. different from other companies?

At Down to Earth Adventure we are all about the individual. We know that fulfilling your expectations regarding our service delivery and overall experience is fundamental to us being able to grow our company. Our difference is that we take the time to develop a profile for each of our clients prior to their treks. Our team can therefore become briefed about your specific needs so that we can try our best to make your experience everything you dreamed it to be. Through the use of questionnaires and email correspondence, we are able to understand and cater for what you hope to gain from your time with us.
Down to Earth Adventure

Company Details

Down to Earth Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is registered with the appropriate government authorities:

  • Office of Company Register (Ministry of Industry) :128897/071/072
  • Department of Cottage of Small Industry : 13597/317
  • Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation :1895/071
  • Department of Tax, PAN: 602439893
  • Department of Tax, VAT number: 602439893
  • Department of Foreign Currency Exchange, National Bank of Nepal Permit:1621/01/071


  • Amazing Experience

    Thank you Rahul for such an amazing experience in Nepal! We could not have asked for better guides than Swekshya and Lakpa. Such a generous and helpful team ️And so proud of the company and the inspiring things you're doing! Read More

    Ashley & Brodie
    - Australia
  • Manaslu Trek

    We just finished the Manaslu Trekking and just love it not only for the amazing views of the mountains, rivers and waterfalls but for the surprise of being in touch with real mountain people. Learn how different they are from one village to the next one, see their culture, clothing, lenguaje... Read More

    Margot Cajiga
    - Mexico City
  • Manaslu Volunteer Trek

    I've meet Downtoearth adventures a couple of years ago, as our trekking guide company; and our partner in ADH (, a NGO. The main objective og ADH is helping people (mainly childs) in recover form the earthquake. ... Read More

    - Spain
  • Poon Hill Trek

    I have had my first experience traveling alone in Nepal. Since the first moment Rahul, the responsable of Down to Earth Avendture, helped me and searched the best trekking for me and my available time. I did a short trek to Poon Hill, I went alone with a guide... Read More

    Miren Bildotsa
    - Spain
  • Shyama School Rebuild Volunteer Trek

    Traveling with Rahul Shrestha and the Down to Earth team was the richest experience of my life. Not only did we experience the mountains and country, but were welcomed in to the homes... Read More

    Dave Rintala
    - USA
  • Shyama School Volunteer Trek

    I recently went trekking with Down to Earth Adventure and I instantly felt at home. It was amazing to experience the wonders of the Himalayas combined with a life changing cultural experience... Read More

    Danielle Kennedy
    - Australia
  • Wonderful Trek

    I would just like to say a big thank you to all at Down to Earth Adventures for a wonderful Trek that Jacki Sutton, Ray Bowman and I enjoyed recently. We were looked after so well by all from start to finish. Read More

    Jacky Bray
    - Australia
  • Everest Camp Trip

    Myself and a friend booked a trek with Down to Earth Adventures with the referral from a friend, the prices were very competitive and the good character reference was the decision maker for us... Read More

    - Australia
  • Fantastic Trip

    I’m glad that I was the first official trekker with Down to Earth Adventure in March to April 2015. Rahul’s 15 years of experience as a trekking guide has tailor-made a perfectly combined trip... Read More

    Chuen Man
    - Australia