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Eastern Nepal

Encompassing an eastern approach to Everest, Rolwaling, Makalu Base Camp, Arun Valley as well as Kangchenjunga, Eastern Nepal trekking offers endless opportunities to explore without the hordes of tourists found in other areas of Nepal. This untouched paradise will entertain you with its ethnic traditions and warm hospitality of its many groups such as Rai, Tamang, Sherpa, Limbu, Gurung and so on.
Eastern Nepal is sure to captivate you with its magnitude and plethora of high snow-capped peaks and its system of contrasting hidden glacial valley zones of Arun and Makalu-Barun and powerful rivers pumping glacial waters from its mountain sources. Big draw cards of this area are the famous massifs of Makalu (8463m) and Kangchenjunga (8586m) which are respectively the fifth and third highest mountains in the world.
Indeed, Makalu, has developed a reputation for being one of the hardest mountains in the world to climb due to its four-sided pyramid shape composed of steep pitches and unprotected knife-edged ridges. Down to Earth Adventure can take you into the heart of Makalu so as to provide you with the unique opportunity of viewing the world from high-rise panopticon of Makalu Base Camp (5150m). Located 22 kilometres east of Everest and 80 kilometres west of Kangchenjunga, this trail will take you into the heart of conservation area laden with diversity in landscape, flora and fauna. You will be blown away by the kaleidoscope of high waterfalls, deep gorges, rugged craggy rocks, brilliant green forests and wildflower colours set against the backdrop of spectacular snow-capped peaks.
Makalu-Barun National Park which was established as the eighth national park in 1992, is defined by its eastern barrier of Arun River and the border of the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park in the west. The park is dominated by the Himalayan glacier valley of Makalu-Barun Valley. Intrepid visitors are rewarded with a sanctuary conserving the interests of wild animals such as wolves, lynx, fox and the elusive snow leopard which can also be found as we move further south-west towards Kangchenjunga.
The name “Kangchenjunga”, the third highest mountain in the world, derives its name from a Tibetan phrase meaning “the five treasures of the high snow,” to reflect its five high peaks which are so revered by the people of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Standing at a massive 8586 metres, Kangchenjunga is actually part of a larger mountain system across Nepal and India which comprises 16 peaks over 7000 metres in its main ridges running north-south and east-west in a giant cross pattern. Four glaciers radiate from its pinnacle in the direction of each of the cardinal points; Zemu glacier helps to form the powerful river systems of the Brahmaputra basin, whilst Yalung and Kangchen glaciers drain into the Arun and Kosi rivers. Kangchenjunga Himal is located in Eastern Nepal, Sikkim and India and is literally fenced to the west by the Tamur river and to the east by the Teesta River. Overall, it borders Bhutan, China, India and Nepal.
This sparsely populated, off-the-beaten-track area is a true journey of discovery. In your travels you will come across Sherpa, Limbu, Rai and Gurung ethnic communities who seldom come into contact with tourists. The modest locals will provide a simple hospitality that will touch your hearts forever. Since the first expeditions in the 19th century to the the first successful ascent in the 1950s, humans have held a healthy respect for Kangchenjunga.
The entire Eastern Nepal region is an amazing blend of rich culture and awesome scenery and wildlife. If you are looking for an ultimate experience, far away from the popular trails, then this should be your choice! With direct airport access from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar, Lamidada and Taplejung, it is now faster to get into the heart of Makalu and Kanchenjunga and experience the magic. Let Down to Earth Adventure Pvt. Ltd. take the hassle out of planning your ultimate escape challenge. Choose from our existing packages or contact us to tailor a unique adventure that will surpass your wildest imagination:

Makalu Base Camp Trek

23 Days

Price: USD 2900Makalu is famed not only for being the fifth highest mountain in the world, but also for its breathtaking beauty and biodiversity protected due to its remoteness.

Kangchenjunga Base Camp

24 Days

Price: USD 2500Kangchenjunga area is famous for more than just possessing the third highest mountain in the world.