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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an exciting, thrilling and most preferred activity in Nepal. The Himalayas attract a tremendous amount of trekkers from all around the world who come on exhilarating holidays to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Upper Mustang, Dolpo, the Manaslu Circuit and so many more. Nepal introduces us to some gorgeous landscapes, interesting and different cultures and traditions, and Nepal is also home to eight of the top ten highest peaks on earth.

Nepal is considered a trekker’s paradise which gives us vistas of immense natural beauty, culture and best of all – the friendly welcoming natives and their unique lifestyles. Trekking is the best way to discover and come into significant contact with this country, the contrasting ecosystems, the natural beauty along with forests of rhododendron, temples and monasteries, a massive amount of birds and animals. We will also come across small alpine villages sitting in the laps of verdant valleys. In these secluded settlements, gracious people of various cultures introduce us to some captivating glimpses of traditional rural life along with the mesmerizing panoramic views of the massive mountains swirling in misty clouds amidst wonderful surroundings.

Most treks in Nepal generally include a walk of 10 to 15km per day along with a guide, cook, Sherpa, porters and sometimes pack animals too if required. Trekking is not just about reaching your destination but more about observing the natural beauty, the colorful villages, astonishing views of the mountains and socializing with the locals throughout the journey; a whole galore of unknown emotional experiences awaits you wherever you trek in Nepal. We cross over snowfields in the morning and enjoy a soothing steamy bath in sub-tropical streams in the afternoon. Although most of the trekking trails are not marked, the locals travel well through them and most trails are well known and marked…

Our staff from Down to Earth Adventure will guide trekkers throughout the journey and help them communicate with the locals offering deep interactions into their culture, religion and lifestyles. We guarantee your comfort and safety while helping you have a good time; enjoying everything you wanted to experience and discover abundant amazing things which you were unaware about.

Down to Earth Adventure Treks offers great choices of diverse trips to suit both greenhorns and seasoned trekkers. Be it two days or two months in the Himalayas, we ensure you to have a well scheduled exciting and thrilling holiday with all the comfort and safety that’s so vital when trekking in Nepal’s never ending and beautiful Himalayas…

At Down to Earth Adventure…we’re absolutely devoted to ensuring your comfort and safety as we take you on any trip of your choice, at your own pace. We show you what you’ve traveled such a long way to see, and help you explore outstanding landscapes you had no idea ever existed here before!

We guide you with practical experience learnt over the years, ensuring that your trips help you discover the unknown from the known, giving you astounding surprises as each trail turns the corner, building into journeys that only dreams are made off. Trekking in Nepal is an extraordinary experience you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world.